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Kelsey Hamel

Published on

September 13, 2021


agency life, professional skills, public relations, Social Media

Social media is not only everywhere we turn these days but is engrained in our everyday life. With an overwhelming number of social platforms to interact with daily, you may be overlooking the benefits of leveraging personal social media marketing in the workplace. For those of us working in digital PR, we’re all too familiar with seeking out news stories across these various channels and browsing reporters’ social media profiles for clues on what they’re covering.

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For any public relations professional who is looking to up-level their social media game, here are a few creative ways you can leverage social platforms to your advantage in the field.

Monitor Through TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application that links your Twitter account, making it easy to follow your homepage and customisable lists through one simple view. Through TweetDeck, you can create lists or keywords to follow to stay up to date on current events and conversations that are happening in real-time.

As we know, an essential factor of a successful media relations strategy is proactive media monitoring. It’s crucial for any PR pro to vet reporters to ensure we’re targeting the best fit for our clients, and TweetDeck helps speed this process along. In my experience, I’ve created lists for each of my clients’ key industries as well as their competitors. This type of social listening helps me stay informed on what reporters are covering – or looking to cover, what industry conversations look like, as well as the types of stories that media outlets are tweeting themselves.

Boost Visibility Across Your Network with LinkedIn

We’re seeing more industry leaders and executives share glimpses into their professional — and sometimes personal lives on LinkedIn (think: Sara Blakely and her motivational coffee mugs).

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, one way PR practitioners can expand their presence on this social media channel is by sharing client wins, campaigns or company news they’re most excited about. These types of posts will help you connect with your network and boost visibility of yourself among industry peers.

Listen to New Perspectives on Clubhouse

The new kid on the block these days is the audio-focused social app, Clubhouse. More brands are starting to host chats on this social media platform aimed to entertain and educate its invite-only audience. Clubhouse marketing is a great tool to your social media strategy to stay up to date on trending topics as this audio-only app continues to gain momentum.

Grow Your Online Presence Through Company Channels

Another way to use your social media account to benefit your own career journey as a PR professional is to share your expertise and POV across your own company’s channels either by writing a blog post that will live on the company’s website or tweeting about a meaningful public relations or social media campaign that then will get retweeted. The content you’re reading right now is even an example of leaning into company-owned channels to share one’s voice within the industry.

With more journalists and publicists sharing their work across social platforms, there’s an opportunity for us to connect and grow together. What are the other ways you use social media in your everyday work life?


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