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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 26, 2016



Facebook reactions have arrived, Instagram’s global ad expansion has proven to be very fruitful and it really may be time to start Beliebing. Catch up on all things social this week.


Enhancing Embedded Timeline
Using Twitter’s embedded timeline on your website? As of 3rd March, a more sophisticated, modern and sleek timeline will be rolled out. The new timeline will feature responsive design, automatically expand media (such as videos and GIFs) and even integrate Twitter polls.


Glossy Ads

On Thursday Facebook launched its new mobile ad format that aims to provide just about any advertiser, no matter the size, with a way to make better mobile ads. The new ad format, called Canvas, provides a way for companies to make glossy, mobile-native and interactive ads that load fast.

Reactions Launched

This week Facebook also launched ‘reactions’. Now, users have much more options than just ‘liking’ a post on Facebook. You can now either Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry; something to be aware of when moderating your brand pages!



Instagram Ads

Instagram has revealed that over 200,000 brands are using the platform to advertise each month, having noted a huge increase since scaling up its advertising at the end of 2015.


Social Winner

The Beibs At The Brits

Belieb it or not, Justin Bieber has generated over 349 million Tweets in the year following the BRIT Awards 2015, generating more engagement than the following eight big names on the #BRITs ‘Most Tweeted’ list combined.


Social Loser


ALDI Australia is the latest company to fall victim to the execution of a truly terrible social media campaign; with a ‘fill in the blanks’ campaign on Twitter. See the not so suitable responses here…

Bizarre BRITS

The ‘bizarre’ opening to the BRITs ceremony confused viewers on social media. Check out the comments.


Creative Spot

McDonald’s Directing to Burger King

A McDonald’s billboard gives ridiculously lengthy directions to a Burger King drive-thru… Only 258 kilometers to go.

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