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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

September 25, 2015


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The social media landscape is constantly evolving. This week sees more changes from Twitter and Facebook – and Instagram once again proves it’s a major player. Read on for your essential social media update…


Button Redesign

Twitter has overhauled the design of its Tweet and Follow buttons in favour of a more minimalist, white and blue design. The channel has also decided to ditch the share count tickers.

Sponsored Emoji

You may have seen a few new emoji’s popping up on your Twitter feeds – this new advertising trend has been used for brands and events from Star Wars to the Pope’s US visit… but is it in danger of being overused?


Targeted By Web Browsing

In addition to your web-surfing habits, Facebook has announced that it will better its ads targeting by using the data gathered on the use of the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons, and other widgets embedded in websites and apps. 

More Page Changes

Take a look at the edits being made to Facebook Pages. Social Media Today has a sneak peak at both the new desktop and mobile designs.

Increased Instant Articles 

It has been noted this week that Facebook is looking to ramp up it’s efforts on both ‘Instant Articles’ and their live-streaming feature. Take a look at the different ways in which they plan to tackle these.


Instagram Hits 400 Million!

Sit up and take notice. Facebook-owned Instagram has not only reached a record 400 million users, it has actually surpassed Twitter! 

360 Video Support On Facebook

To further compete with YouTube, Facebook has announced that it will add support to it’s News Feed to host immersive 360-degree videos. Reported to be available on web, iOS and Android apps.

Joy To The Pin, The Holidays Are Near

Hate to bring it up, but with the holidays only THREE months away, people are starting to think festive. After announcing 100 million users last week, Pinterest seems to be where it’s at for e-marketers.

Charged For Bot Views

Google has been reported charging marketers for YouTube advert views by bots – even when it’s own checks indicate views are indeed not by humans.

Social Winner

#Blessed Emoji

So much social buzz from Pope Fancis’ visit to the US this week, Twitter even introduced special emojis that appeared with specific hashtags such as #PopeInPhilly and PopeInNYC.

Social Losers

#PigGate Part One

We’re pretty sure everyone’s aware of the inevitable social backlash that took place after recent claims of Mr Cameron’s time at university. Even brands saw this as a piggyback opportunity (sorry).

#PigGate Part Two

Possibly a little too close to #PigGate, the London Mayor’s weekly #AskBoris Twitter Q&A was hijacked by those with pig-base gags – such swines (sorry, again).


Another example of a Q&A backfire. US presidential candidate Mr Trump gained more than 50,000 tweets with the #AskTrump hashtag, but how many were political and serious? Not many. Surprised? Us neither. 

#AskTrump Why’d you tell a young boy lost in NYC to go to the Plaza lobby & not help him find his parents?

Creative Spot

Selfie Spoon

If you didn’t post your breakfast on social media, did it really happen?

To appeal to all those selfie loving cereal eaters, Cinnamon Toast Crunch have come up with spoon that doubles as a selfie stick – pointless activity? More like an ingenious way of generating consumer generated content!

Split Second Video

In the style of looping GIF or Vines, this powerful video made up of only split seconds is an creative way of making an impact on drivers who tend to use their mobiles.

For Snoopy And Charlie Brown Lovers

To promote the upcoming Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie, fans can use this online character generator to ‘peanutize’ themselves, and share with friends. Give it a go. You know you want to!

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