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Andy Martinus

Published on

June 21, 2018


Having a great product or service was once all that was needed to stand out as a business.

Above-the-line advertising and having a basic website helped amplify the product, but that was as far as integrated marketing strategies went.

Gone are the days of independent tactics and siloed marketing activities. To stand out in 2018 and beyond, having a multi-faceted, integrated marketing offering is of paramount importance to drive business growth.

As a fully integrated agency, LEWIS no longer works in silos of online, offline, web, PR, creative, social and digital marketing but as one team, which allows us to analyse marketing activities and tactics across all possible consumer touch points. Until this point we had no unified view measuring the success of this activity.

As a result, the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker was born.

The LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker profiles businesses and brands across 10 key categories that make up the modern marketing mix, which can then be ranked against competitors or industry participants based on a composite score.

The data points within each category have been designed to cover the full marketing mix, with metrics ranging from user experience and personalisation to social media, ad server tactics and customer response times.

LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker assessment criteria includes:

  • Tracking
  • User Experience
  • Security
  • Mobile
  • Marketing
  • Sales Funnel
  • Personalisation
  • Response Time
  • Social Media

The tracker is industry and business agnostic, allowing any organisation to get an understanding of how they stack up against their peers, or even companies they aspire to compete with. Most importantly, it provides companies with a 360-degree view of their own marketing tactics.

The LEWIS FinTech Marketing Engagement Index

The LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker has been used for the first time to analyse how UK Financial Technology brands are approaching their marketing and communications activities. The FinTech Marketing Engagement Index comprises 25 of the leading UK FinTech businesses and ranks them based on their engagement activity.

The 2018 FinTech report highlights both the similarities and differences in end-to-end marketing tactics. While the target audiences may vary (from B2B to B2C), the strategies, platforms and methods of communications remain equally important.

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