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September 25, 2014


AMEC, measurement

Measurement might not be new but it is now more important than ever. Last week AMEC Measurement Week – a major new initiative as part of AMEC’s Global Education Program – raised awareness of the importance of measurement in communications, on a global scale. This initiative was born from extensive research and observations from industry leaders highlighting the need to improve the standard of measurement and educate communications professionals on using data and insights more effectively. LEWIS has long been a champion of better measurement, and this month took it a step further.

As part of AMEC’s Measurement Week, we hosted two events in London and Washington DC. We are also producing a series of industry guides to advise communications professionals on how to use measurement more strategically, to add value and improve ROI. The introductory guide is available to download now. Each subsequent guide will focus on defining metrics and best practices for quantifying success, based on the five key measurement dimensions as adopted in LEWIS’ measurement framework. These are:

  • Exposure – the degree to which a brand is seen – how many eyeballs are on the product, service or issue.
  • Engagement – the degree to which a brand is creating interaction with its audience and association with its core value; a unit measure of a contact via social network or other public means.
  • Preference – the degree to which a brand’s values, opinions and offerings are selected over those of its competitors.
  • Impact – the degree to which a campaign is changing business outcomes. LEWIS uses Impact to comprise the set of goals and measures for creating conversion. Impacts are the most commercially or publically meaningful outcomes that our programs can be expected to drive.
  • Advocacy – the degree to which a campaign helps inspire organic third-party support for a product, service or cause.
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