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June 4, 2020


LEWIS news

LEWIS and its partner network will drive brand awareness and thought leadership across Sweden, Denmark and Norway

SAS, the global leader in analytics, has expanded its relationship with LEWIS into the Nordics. LEWIS will work with its Nordic partner, Cloudberry, to deliver brand awareness in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. LEWIS’ UK team will provide an international hub function to manage and coordinate activity in the Nordics, as well as provide social media management for SAS Nordic Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook channels.

SAS has worked with LEWIS for six years in the UK & Ireland (UKI) helping to maintain their position as the global leader in analytics. LEWIS has pioneered many new approaches in how SAS communicates from the integration of earned, owned, paid and shared media; use of influencers to drive brand awareness; alignment to sales and marketing strategies; and measuring business impact and pipeline contribution. SAS recognises the opportunity of scaling these best practice approaches in its communications internationally by partnering with LEWIS’ across its network.

Per Hyldborg, Head of Content Marketing & Communications, UKI & Nordics, SAS, said, “We have seen over the years that LEWIS drives outstanding results and impact for our business in the UK by linking awareness to lead generation. We wanted to replicate that in other markets and have chosen the Nordics as our next deployment of the model. We are excited to be able to take their leadership and best practices into the Nordic Region to help drive our brand awareness.”

Giles Peddy, senior vice president, EMEA, LEWIS, said, “We have built a great partnership with SAS UKI over the last six years driving the reputation as a leader in analytics. The opportunity to take our best practice approaches and methodologies into the Nordics is vindication of our thinking and ability to execute. We are looking forward to further advancements and internationalisation of our work with SAS.”

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