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Published on

October 20, 2017



LEWIS is leveraging Crimson Hexagon, a leading provider of business insights from social data analysis to inform strategic enterprise decision-making. The alliance strengthens the agency’s approach in using market and audience social data to inform real-time insights, social media content, media relations and influencer marketing.

Competitive global brands in today’s market require genuine insights from social data to keep pace. Crimson Hexagon delivers the instant power of social insights, allowing companies to better connect with their audiences, predict industry trends and make smarter business decisions.

“Agencies need a deep understanding of the target customer to execute successful campaigns,” said Marian Cramers, Crimson Hexagon’s Director of Network Agency Growth. “With access to the industry’s largest data library of more than one trillion social media posts, LEWIS now has deeper, refined insight into the emotions and priorities of the consumer than any focus group can offer.”

“We build intersections between today’s conversations and our clients’ brand narratives,” commented Michael Brito, Senior Vice President of Digital at LEWIS. “Crimson Hexagon’s real-time social intelligence equips our teams with audience insights at such speed and scale that enable us to surround sound our clients’ audiences with amplified data-driven storytelling.”

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