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August 15, 2016


intern, internship, PR

What is a third-year Psychology student from McGill in Canada doing working in HR and Marketing in London? Having an amazing summer, for one thing!

I’ve always been very envious of my friends who live in London, posting the most beautiful pictures of the city on social media. I decided to pursue my dreams and find an internship in London to experience the city, boost my career skills… and to create some amazing Instagrams.

But why intern in PR? I love meeting and interacting with people, and socializing is part of the job. Having grown up third cultured, it is in my nature to love connecting and networking with others.

Disappointment is where imagination and reality meet. But in this case, my internship with LEWIS exceeded expectations. My vision of what a PR agency would be like was pretty accurate: humorous and friendly co-workers, delicious coffee (!), and a perfect fast-paced working environment. And my dreamy expectations were met and I am now officially a London lover!

I was kept busy with enjoyable tasks, so I never experienced a dull moment at my desk. My tasks in HR involved managing and auditing documents of employees and applicants on the server, salary benchmarking, and creating new starter agendas to name a few. For Marketing, I created landing pages for the LEWIS website, updated website content on the content management system, and provided general administrative support.

There was a lot more to the job than I had realised; my co-workers knew how to have fun, but they also maintained an excellent work-life balance. After swinging their putters around on the grass during their lunch break, they were swift to change back to, not only their office attire, but a serious work mode and accomplished their however many tasks for the day. I believe this was the key to maximising their productivity; working rigorously but also properly rewarding themselves for it.

Not only did I acquire basic PR skills and knowledge at LEWIS, I also gained new insight on general life and social skills, and on myself – how I work, and my areas for improvement. I am truly grateful for this experience and it will undoubtedly help me in my future career, I could not have imagined a better way to spend my summer.

Thank you LEWIS for a summer to remember!

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