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Catriona MacLeod

Published on

October 2, 2018


B2B, B2B PR, client work, research

If you work in B2B PR, one of the many things you’ll get asked is: “isn’t it a bit dry?”. My answer is always “to the contrary, you actually have to be more creative than you would in B2C”. The thing to remember is yes, we’re targeting businesses, and yes, there is always going to be some corporate messaging to support it. But in the end, those we’re targeting are consumers too.

Take our recent research with global provider of content intelligence solutions and services, ABBYY. We had a story to tell around automation in the workplace – a space which, truth be told, is inundated. But it’s inundated for a reason, because it’s a hugely hot topic, that’s genuinely interesting. The way to break through this crowded space is to stray away from ‘corporate talk’ and embrace what’s human about the subject.

ABBYY’s research found that millennials in the workplace were looking to use robots to take tasks from them which involved human interaction, unlike the older generation who didn’t trust robots with any tasks. When I speak to younger family and friends about the findings they’ve all had the same response: “that is exactly me”. By showing workers that we understand them on a human level, we can then also give them advice, tailored for those who (funnily enough!) work in a business.

For this research in particular, the fact we injected creativity and a personal point of view meant that it got great coverage and gave us the opportunity to bring new insights to a topic which can often be full of corporate jargon.

So yes, if you allow it to be, B2B can be dry. But you can ensure this doesn’t happen by engaging your creative side and looking for problems and contrasts within a story that matter to the general day-to-day person. The folks that work at huge financial organisations or massive data companies are people too – they want a good, relatable read as much as the rest of us! So let’s give the people what they want.

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