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Jennifer Scheer

Published on

July 4, 2017


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Snackable content – I can’t decide if I love or loathe that term. In any case, people seem to like getting information in “bite-sized” portions.

A digital amuse-bouche, if you will.

Did Twitter create this phenomenon? Or is it a fundamental human trait that explains Twitter’s success?

In any case, here are 25 digestible tweets to help you improve your marketing strategies and tactics:


1. When you report on marketing program results, deliver metrics the business cares about. <<tweet this

2. If you follow your competitors, you’ll never beat them. What’s your strategy to break away from the pack? <<tweet this

3. Do you REALLY need a tagline? Or do you just need to do a better job in general of articulating what you do? <<tweet this

4. It doesn’t matter how good you think your #salestools are if reps don’t use them. (If a tree falls in the forest…) <<tweet this

5. Does your website support your business’ goals? If not, (re-)design your home page to deliver on key objectives. #webdesign <<tweet this

6. Just because you can measure it doesn’t mean it’s important. Make sure your #metrics truly matter to the business. <<tweet this

7. Don’t get trapped in your comfort zone. Test a lot of new things. Some will fail but that’s OK b/c others won’t. <<tweet this

Tools and Execution

8. #Presentation skills and #PowerPoint skills aren’t the same thing. Ignore this at your peril. (for more on this topic, read the full article) <<tweet this

9. Flawless execution is always mandatory. Flawless execution of a creative idea is magical. #creativity <<tweet this

10. Your #PowerPoint slides should illustrate your script – not BE the script.<<tweet this

11. Your home page is a bad #landingpage. Purpose-built is so much more effective that it’s worth the extra effort. <<tweet this

12. Excel isn’t just for number crunchers – the chart & graph features are a valuable tool in your comms toolbox. #content <<tweet this


13. Master the rules of #grammar and usage. Only then can you successfully break them for effect. #content <<tweet this

14. If you removed the logo from your mktg materials, would people still know it’s your company? Be clear and specific. <<tweet this

15. Want to improve the effectiveness of your #B2B #content instantly? Eliminate ALL jargon, buzzwords and corporate speak. <<tweet this

16. Add #social sharing buttons on your #content to increase reach and engagement. <<tweet this

17. Ditch the third-person voice – speak directly to your customers and prospects in your #content. <<tweet this

SEO and Social

18. On #socialmedia, don’t just post your own stuff. And don’t just repost others’. Find the right balance. <<tweet this

19. There’s no such thing as #SEO copywriting. It’s just #copywriting. <<tweet this

20. The best #SEO strategy is a great #content strategy. <<tweet this

21. If you’re not managing and optimizing your #PPC campaigns daily, you’re probably not getting the most value from them. <<tweet this

Creativity and Inspiration

22. Inspiration can come from anywhere – the farther afield, the more disruptive (in a good way) it can be. <<tweet this

23. For creative and well-planned campaigns, programs and #content, you need time to THINK. Make the time. <<tweet this

24. Need a quick creativity boost? Check out “Whack of the Day” @ from creativity expert @RogervonOech <<tweet this

25. Got a creative block? Take a 10-min. walk or just move to a different part of the office to change your perspective. <<tweet this

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