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Morgan McLintic

Published on

May 3, 2016


global comms, growth, LEWIS, PRWeek

PRWeek issued its comprehensive Global Agency Business Report today, which includes agency rankings and profiles of select firms. LEWIS moved up to the 28th largest PR firm in the world from 32nd last year. Revenues were $68.5m for calendar year 2015, with growth of 12%. You can see our agency profile here.

Beyond the growth, we’ve transformed the business over the last twelve months, culminating in arebrand symbolizing that change. Our proposition now spans the full breadth of the promotional mix – advertising, digital marketing, PR, creative/web, marketing communications. While marketing wonks might like to debate the names of these disciplines – what is content marketing anyway? Isn’t all marketing digital? – our focus is squarely on solving the client problem. In today’s economic climate that tends to revolve around revenue generation, so we’re looking at the customer journey and bringing the right marketing tactics to bear to deliver sales.

Another key focus for us is our team. It’s so important, it’s in our domain name – Team LEWIS. Our staff are joining a team of coworkers who they can learn from, who will support them and will likely be friends for life. Our clients aren’t hiring a single shining star, but a constellation – it’s not about one individual but the skills of the entire team together.

So in keeping with the focus on clients and the team, I’d like to thank both for a great 2015. We’re proud and excited to break into the Top 30. We made an early bet that marketing would be more global, which is why we set up our office network. Next we pushed into digital which now represents just under a third of the business. Now we’re focused on integrated campaigns – blurring the lines between marketing silos so we can focus on real business issues. So far, it’s a bet we’re feeling pretty good about.

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