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July 2, 2015


LEWIS news

LEWIS revealed the results of global research into multichannel marketing today. The study, conducted with over 370 senior marketers, revealed that siloed working and lack of investment are impeding effective multichannel marketing.

The research, across EMEA, APAC and the US, builds a comprehensive picture of current approaches to multichannel marketing.

The study revealed that multichannel marketing is being widely practiced, with almost one third (31%) of respondents executing seven or more multichannel campaigns in the last year. However, with only 30 per cent of marketers experiencing successful results and ROI from campaigns, long-term investment remains an issue.

The research also highlighted that effective measurement is not practiced widely. Thirty-five per cent of marketers use measurement to track campaign results just for reporting purposes. Twenty-seven per cent said they simply evaluate results post-campaign to report on ROI.

When asked if measurement insight is used to inform campaign strategy for future campaigns, 25 per cent of marketers said they do this only ‘sometimes’.

The structure of marketing and communications teams is another barrier to success. Less than half of all respondents (40%) and only one quarter (25%) of marketers in Asia Pacific – are confident that their team structure effectively facilitates integrated campaign management.

“Breaking down siloes within marketing and communications teams is absolutely vital if brands are to execute truly integrated campaigns. There must be cohesion and collaboration amongst teams to ensure the campaign message is delivered consistently across all channels”, said Stephen Corsi, SVP, Global, LEWIS Pulse. “Marketers also need to invest sufficient time and resources into effectively measuring multichannel campaigns to demonstrate ROI, in order to build a strong case for greater investment moving forward.”

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