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Lucie Robet

Published on

March 29, 2016


content, Content Marketing, global comms, growth

There are more than 14 million blogs in France. 2.5 million posts are published daily. And according to Technorati, there are 200+ million blogs worldwide.

Over the past ten years or so, professional blogs have taken precedence over personal blogs and found their place as a source of qualitative content. They have become a medium of choice for brands to share information and expertise. However, many companies have forgotten the importance of having a local approach to blogging. One size does not fit all.

We felt we should lead by example with the launch of a sixth local LEWIS blog in addition to the international blog you’re reading now. We’re happy to present: Le Blog.

A source of qualitative content

Technological developments and new communication platforms dictate the shape content takes. Remember, the Medium is the Message. For several years, online content has become increasingly short, conversational and ephemeral (Twitter, Vine, Snapchat…), so much so that in 2013-2014, many were ready to announce the end of blogs. Many hobbyists have since moved to apps (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest…). However, companies – with their digital transformation underway – still need to share longer pieces of content to generate awareness and create relevant engagement with their audience. As a result, company blogs have become a medium of choice for brands to share expert content, which can then be shared further on social media channels. Additionally, this approach benefits SEO and conversion.

The importance of a local approach

As global companies have created their own blogs, their emphasis has initially been on creating content in English. After all, it’s easy to obtain a rough translation online, right? However, not only do people want to read content in their local language, they also focus on local issues, opportunities and challenges. The importance of local blogs cannot be underestimated.

Le Blog, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Le Blog is the new local blog on the French version of the LEWIS website. It is a platform on which we share trends, best practice and comments on developments in the French market. More than just another blog on communication, this space is intended to voice the opinions on marketing, PR, HR, digital, content and more from within our multicultural agency and from external contributors, en français bien sûr !

Bonne lecture !  Comments are welcome.

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