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Rachel Rayner

Published on

August 19, 2016


This Week in Social

This Week in Social we’ve seen a lot more brands getting involved with live broadcasting and 360 video, as they become more prominent. Plus, Instagram has lost a superstar. Read on for all of this week’s essential social media news.


Twitter TV
Twitter is promoting the benefits of live broadcasting, with a monthly series Pint and Periscope, with an aim to educate people on the potential of Periscope both as a brand building platform and a revenue driver. One to watch!

Stuck on you
Pepsi is the first brand to make use of Twitter’s Sponsored Stickers. Fans can add the stickers to photos shared on the network.


The robots are coming
In a move which has seemed inevitable since the feature was first announced, Facebook is now allowing bots to send ads to users. We shouldn’t expect an influx of spam, as before brands can send a message, customers have to first reach out to them.


Snapchat launches 360 videos
Virtual reality’s little cousin, 360 video is coming to a snapchat story near you. Sony is the first brand to trial a 360 ad on Snapchat.

Don’t stream till it’s over!
There’s trouble in Rio as fans are prevented from live-streaming games. The ban may keep rights holders happy, but it’s alienating sports fans.

Call waiting
Google’s new video chat app, Duo, is designed to compete with Facetime, Skype and Facebook Messenger. Unlike Google’s current offering, Hangouts, Duo will allow you to see who’s calling before you answer.

Social Winners

No ivory online
Technology is disrupting the wildlife trade, as e-commerce giants sign a new commitment to protect endangered animals.

Social Losers

Don’t stop Beliebing
Heartthrob Justin Bieber has deleted his instagram account, angering his legions of fans.

Creative Spot

Play With Your Food
Order some tunes along with your pizza. Pizza Hut is turning pizza boxes into playable DJ pizza boxes.

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