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Kitty Lockyear

Published on

September 16, 2020


influencer marketing, instagram, Social Media

In 2016, Instagram launched Stories as a rival to Snapchat...eight months later Stories surpassed Snapchat’s entire daily user base. Now, we are well into the launch of Instagram Reels, but is it taking off?

Short-form video is a safe-haven for creators, new and existing, a way to express themselves and their passions. From challenges and dance trends, to glow-ups and transformations. Whilst many successful TikTokers are also publishing their content on Reels, we’ve recently noticed big Instagram stars who didn’t quite make it on TikTok testing Reels and nailing it. If TikTok isn’t careful, we might see Reels taking over the short-form world.

Is there a future for TikTokers?

In the short time that TikTok has been around, the last 12-months has opened doors to young stars embracing their creativity and bagging big brand deals and partnerships. Do you know about Addison Rae Easterling? At just 19-years old, Addison Rae is one of the most successful TikTokers out there, bringing in an estimated $5 million last year thanks to her 58 million followers. Addison Rae is also on Instagram with a mere 26 million followers. She now has her own podcast and beauty brand, so if she decides (or is forced) to move off TikTok it seems she will probably be successful either way.

Why brands, marketers and creators would be wise to hop onto Reels sooner rather than later

But it’s not just teens who can find success on short-form video platforms. Brands, marketers and creators should also be making the most of Reels. Here’s why:

1. Instagram is already an important platform

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most established social platforms out there. It has over 1 billion worldwide users and 83 percent of them discover new products and services on the platform. This gives brands, marketers and influencers a huge opportunity to utilise an existing platform to reach their target audiences.

2. TikTok’s future is uncertain

Instagram is here to stay and will continue to be an integral platform for its users, brands and marketers. Meanwhile, TikTok’s fate is changing on a daily basis. Not only is it at risk of being shut down by governments, but it hasn’t been around long enough to tell whether the hype will last.

3. Opportunity to innovate

TikTok has dominated with online challenges, so why not look to start new ones on Reels through strategic brand and influencer partnerships? Reels presents a fresh opportunity to be creative, it doesn’t have to be a case of re-creating what we’ve already seen on TikTok.

4. Money-making potential

Many brands have been, and continue to be, wary about how TikTok can drive sales. A large number of brands have therefore been reluctant to take the plunge. However, many brands are well-established on Instagram and have a better understanding of the space. They’ve spent time on the platform, they’ve run campaigns on it, they know how it works. Because of this, many will be much more open to trying new features on Instagram to achieve their marketing goals.

5. Reels feels more natural for a wider selection of creators

When on TikTok, users feel the need to dance and add humour to most videos. There are a lot of exaggerated facial expressions and comedic punchlines. But with Instagram being a more curated platform, creators are able to add a sense on sincerity to their content.

What’s next?

Creativity is key. Brands and marketers love an opportunity to showcase their product or service in a new an innovate way and Reels is perfect for this. Marketers and brands need to jump in, embrace Reels and test-and-learn new content strategies to truly get to grips with its potential.

If you would like to know more about how your brand can utilise emerging social platforms, short-form video or influencer marketing feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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