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Ellie Hardinges

Published on

February 4, 2019


careers, Social Media

How will you channel your personal brand online?

Working in digital marketing means that we try to make our clients’ accounts attractive to prospective and existing customers. We know the tricks to make inspiring, intelligent and engaging content. So why do we stop using our social prowess at 5pm? In the same way that we attract customers, we could be channelling our personal brand to new and existing employers. When looking to hire someone in a social media role, clients, recruiters and managers are increasingly using a person’s social media to gauge whether their skills and values would be suitable to hire.

With this in mind, here are three easy ways to manage your profile:

1. Content, content, content

Uploading content on to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook is useful for three main reasons –expressing insights, conveying expertise, and offering authenticity. Brands upload content such as blogs, comments on industry news, and videos in order to highlight their key values. By showing their standpoint, this helps to inform the customer about what the company does and why they do it. An example of this is General Electric’s microsite ‘Txchnologist’ which features blogs about key industry trends and insights. In doing this, the company portrays that it is an expert in its field with a broad knowledge of the industry. Sharing other industry news may be a good way for you to mirror this expertise without having the pressure of creating your own content. Having an opinion on a news story or re-tweeting interesting blogs also counts as having content on your profile.

2. Anything you can do, I can do better

A key way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to simply explain what sets you apart. Whether this means posting on social media when your business has won an award, or re-tweeting a positive customer review, this helps a customer understand why you are the best at what you do. This works for both businesses and people. If Vitabiotics can include in their bio that they are the ‘UK’s number 1 vitamin company’ in order to grab the attention of customers, then I can post on my social media about my success in achieving certifications in Google and Marketo. Shouting about your achievements is an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

3. Social networking

As part of the ‘community management’ work we do for clients, we keep an eye on other social media personalities that we feel it would be useful for them to follow. These could be influencers in the industry, publications or journalists that may write about industry news, and customers with a large reach who could recommend your product. In doing this, the company is building its network of relevant profiles associated with theirs. This again highlights that the company is interested in the wider industry they are working with. As well as this, it can build a list of potential contacts to interact with on social media to create conversations that raise awareness of the brand. This can again be mirrored on your own social media network by associating yourself with relevant other profiles. Also, this helps to widen your knowledge as you can see insightful, relevant content on your feed.


So, when having a browse of your personal social media it may be worth bearing in mind similar things to what a company what consider – is your content engaging? Do you convey key messages and values? This helps you create an online persona that complements your day-to-day work and will beneficial in your career going forward.

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