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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

October 30, 2015


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It’s been a bewitching week in social media. Read on for a special Halloween round up of all your social media news…


Videos Views At Hell-Raising Speeds

As Twitter prioritises higher CPM, native video views have increased by 150x over the last six months! 

New Tool For Analytical Tricks And Treats

Twitter has unveiled ‘Brand Hub’ its new suite of analytics potions and incantations (tools), enabling advertisers to measure their share of conversations against competitor brands.


Friend…Or Foe… 

Facebook is launching Message Requests, this new feature for Messenger will make it easier for users to receive messages from the beyond (where people they aren’t yet friends with reside).

New FaceBOOk Notifications

Facebook is looking to roll out a new design notifications tab in its iOS and Android apps, which will include ‘assistant-like reminders’ for events, friends and other topics based on users’ previous activity and preferences.


Vine Creeps Into Twitter

Users of six-second video platform, Vine can now integrate their profiles with Twitter. The move has been made to help aid the discovery of new content, and encourage cross-promotions across the two accounts. 

Social Winner

Bewitching Promotion

Girl band, Little Mix has capitalised on Instagram’s emoji hashtag search function to help promote their latest album. 

Social Losers

Ghastly Humour

Italian bike manufacturer Colnago has had to apologise for its ‘sexist’ Tweets after receiving a social backlash.

An Advertising Nightmare

A debut TV advert ran this week that aimed to encourage people to join Twitter. The fast-past ad cause much confusion, and ironically, many took to the social channel to vent… 

Creative Spot

Infographic For All Things Frightening

In true Halloween spirit, Mashable has produced a eerie scrolling and interactive infographic to share the horror greats and urban legends…

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