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November 13, 2019


Content Marketing, digital marketing

They say Content is King, but what good is content if it isn’t getting seen? On this episode of The 360 we dive into the depths of what makes a solid content distribution strategy that makes your brand stand out in the sea of same. Listen along and learn how to tailor your content for the customer journey.


Sit down with our content experts, Head of Strategy (Dusseldorf, Germany), Stefan Epler, and host, Content Marketing Manager (San Diego, CA), Hannah Brozek, as they discuss how to create impactful quality content for each phase of the sales funnel.

Quality over Quantity

With so much content readily available, it is more important than ever that you create quality content that resonates with your target audience and moves the needle on the sales funnel. But what exactly is quality content?

Our content pros define quality content as content that creates impact. Content that understands the situation, the needs of your audiences and that brings in fresh perspectives and insights. Once you deliver high-quality content that highlights your brand’s unique perspective and how your brand contributes positively to the lives of your customers, you can then create a specified distribution strategy that is tailored to your target audience’s journey.

writing content for the customer journey

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Creating Content for a Journey

Our content experts discuss the importance of having content tailored to each phase of the customer’s journey and how to create an ideal content distribution model. In each phase of the funnel, audiences have a different reason to interact with your brand. In the beginning, this starts with building curiosity around your brand and elevating your content later in the funnel, while always keeping empathy for your audience in mind.

Next, comes the ideal distribution model. If your subject is niche, consider focusing your content strategy alongside SEO or through paid avenues. Have a super targeted audience? Try a more sophisticated targeting strategy like account-based marketing. Like all solid marketing strategies, when it comes to the ideal distribution model, it should be aligned with your intended campaign goals, and no one strategy is the same.

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