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April 29, 2016



This Week in Social, we welcome Snapchat to the 10 billion club, Facebook tries to retaliate with snaps of its own, and the internet’s biggest player faces a legal challenge. Read on for more…



Rumours are that Facebook is working on another snapchat clone. The standalone app will be the fifth such effort from Facebook to counter Snapchat’s increasing market saturation.

Facebook app icon displayed on a smartphone

Bots on Messenger

Soon you might find yourself talking to a robot as Facebook investigates allowing brands to message users based on their browsing history. The ‘chatbots’ will provide a new way for brands to engage with audiences via customer support, guidance and more.

Ramping up the fight against trolls

Twitter is taking the fight against trolls more seriously, allowing users to report multiple Tweets at once making the whole process easier.

Twitter join the conversation


Getty images goes after Google

Getty Images has filed a formal complaint with the European Commission against internet giant Google. The complaint accuses Google Images of “siphoning traffic and promoting piracy” by using copyright images in its galleries.

Pinterest launches first ad campaign

Kicking off in May for seven months, Pinterest is running its first ad campaign, which will be highly localised and personalised. Keep your eyes fixed on Channel 4 in May to see if you can spot the campaign!

Snapchat joins the 10 Billion Club

Snapchat app icon showing a notification

Snaphappy Snapchat users are now viewing 10 billion videos a day, up from 8 billion per day in February! That’s a lot of selfies.

Social Winner

Earth Day celebrations are out of this world!

Astronauts provided us with a unique perspective this Earth Day, sharing pictures on Twitter from 220 miles up!

Tweets from the international space station

Social loser

Ed Balls tweets his own name.

The internet never forgets

It’s been five years since Ed Balls sent his famous, eponymous tweet, and the internet was there to celebrate. How did you celebrate #EdBallsDay?

Creative spot


The clever peeps over at Temptations have designed the Catterbox, finally giving your cat a voice to recon with! Introducing the world’s first talking cat collar…

The Paper Throne

It was a big week in TV with Game of Thrones Season 6 kicking off (Monday’s are bearable again), and what better way to celebrate, than with alternative opening credits! If you love Game of Thrones as much as we do, you’ll love what Moleskine made with no less than 7,600 paper cut outs…

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