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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

October 23, 2015


Branding, creativity, Marketing, Social Media, This Week in Social

Another week, another app as Instagram launches Boomerang. Plus, Twitter rolls out polls and Facebook updates its search feature. Read on for your essential social media briefing…


Twitter Polling

It’s time to get (even more) opinionated on Twitter, with the help of the latest feature ‘Polls’. Available to everyone soon, this will be a quick and easy way to engage with your audiences!

Twitter polls

The Future Is Video

Twitter has announced that it sees its future in video – not surprising considering the investment made in apps like Vine and Periscope. Find out what this means for brands and marketers.


Best For Ads

A new report from eMarketer has named Facebook as the most effective social media platform for advertising. The decision was made by industry executives from 29 companies. 


Search Improvements Pay Off

Zuckerberg recently announced that the platform exceeded 1.5 billion searches a day! In upgrading ‘Search’, Facebook has improved the discovery of real-time news and conversation of its users. 


Boomerang Launch

Instagram as just launched a fun new app that lets users shoot 1-second video loops. Boomerang does this by taking a burst of 5 photos that play back and forth. 

YouTube Red

The video giant has finally created an advert-fee option for users. The new subscription service will charge for the enjoyment of an ad-free YouTube, whilst giving access to exclusive content produced with many of its biggest stars. 


Instagram: The Platform Of Choice

Research has identified Instagram to be the social media platform of choice for brands who want to take their marketing beyond the  ‘established mediums’ in 2016. As Twitter plateaus, Instagram rises! 

Social Winner

#BTTF – Of Course!

Back to the Future day 2015

There could only be one winner this week! With October 21st marking the date where the past, present and future collide, social media was ablaze with tributes to ‘Back To The Future’ – Great Scott! (Sorry.)

Social Loser

#Netflix Down!

There was no chill on Twitter this week when Netflix went down…

Creative Spot

The Great Biscuit Debate

The Waitrose Food and Drink Report went one step further to demonstrate the UK’s biscuit preferences, with a crumby map.    

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