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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

January 13, 2017



This Week In Social, Facebook and Snapchat are rolling out updates, as a major brand makes its first try at 360° video on Twitter.

Read on for all of this week’s social media news.


Look out, YouTube!

With 100 million hours of video watched on Facebook every day, the social media platform is testing mid-roll ads for videos that are viewed at least 20 seconds. Publishers –  it’s time to create engaging content!

Live Now

Yes, the live-streaming trend continues with Facebook announcing six new Live tools and features. Among them: Pages can go live via browsers, appoint live contributors to stream on your Page’s behalf, and highlight comments…

Your Holy Bot

Have a question for his Holiness? You can now head over to Messenger and speak with Missiobot – the bot form of Pope Francis.

The Project

Faced with a raft of criticism for helping spread fake news, Facebook is launching its Journalism Project to set up ‘deeper collaboration’ with news sites, introduce new platforms for telling stories and tackle hoaxes.


Bye Dashboard

The social media network is shutting down its business app Dashboard, that allowed businesses to track tweets, schedule posts and access analytics.


Auto Fill

Hold onto your pocket pen holder and see why auto brands, marketers and B2B players may suddenly have a bigger reason to buy Snap Ads.

Ads & Stories

As Instagram Stories continues to grow, the Facebook-owned company wants to capitalise on its reach by allowing brands to insert ads between Stories.


360-Degree Airbnb

Airbnb is inviting you to explore far-away places from the comfort of your own home by going live – in 360! By using this technology, Airbnb encourages audiences to discover the hidden gems of travelling.


You’re Not Alone

Are you seeing random tweets from random users in your timeline? Don’t panic, it is an error and Twitter is working on a fix…


As David Bowie fans around the world marked the anniversary of the star’s death this week, one particular tribute sparked controversy like no other. It came from British Gas Paul (surname unknown):

Creative Spot

Wiped off

An hyperlocal outdoor campaign for the Helsinki Police is reminding people that violence is far from an abstract phenomenon. The campaign aims to encourage people to report acts of domestic violence via reactive advertising in a traditional medium.

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