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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 27, 2015


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This Week in Social brings you the latest news from the most popular social platforms, with some creative inspiration thrown in too.

So, what’s been happening in the world of social this week? Here’s the lowdown:



More gender identity options Facebook is now giving users unlimited options when selecting their gender identity, by adding a ‘custom’ selection.



Twitter cracks down on online trolls The platform says it has received “five times as many abuse reports as it did six months ago” and is introducing new measures to tackle the issue.

The first UK bank to allow payments via Twitter Barclays has launched Twitter payments using its ‘Pingit’ app. This now opens up the possibility for Twitter’s 13.5m UK users to make payments via the social channel.



YouTube still to make a profit After reaching a user base of over one billion people the video platform is still yet to make a profit after ten years of operation.

Social Winners

The British Heart Foundation asks us to #dechox Not an easy challenge for many, but the British Heart Foundation has launched their first ever #dechox campaign during the season of abstinence, asking the public to give up chocolate. Good luck guys…

A guy, a girl and a pizza place – A Twitter Wager
Pizza Express demonstrates great consumer engagement when one financially restricted guy asks for a favour over Twitter.

Brands getting creative for the 2015 Oscars
A list of Tweets showcasing brands paying homage to the awards and its red carpet.


Social Losers

Comcast creatively slammed by Netflix
“On Wednesday, Netflix delivered a quietly epic uppercut to the cable giant and its interests – thanks to a single creative tweet.” Reported Adweek. See for yourself…

Dunkin’ Donuts offends Liverpool FC fans
After not properly researching the newly designed football club’s crest, Dunkin’ Donuts Tweeted out a mock up version that offended fans. The brand later retracted the design and apologised for its insensitivity.


Creative spot of the week

Natwest in Shoreditch gets a Hipster Makeover
To appeal to arguably the most ‘hipster’ part of London, this Natwest branch has undergone a makeover to lure in those creative types.


The week that broke the Internet

Madonna at The BRIT Awards
Forget Kanye’s performance, Madonna’s ‘incident’ on stage turned into countless memes and parody videos at a STAGGERING speed (too much?)!

THAT dress
Black and Blue? Gold or White? It seems like no one can agree and social channels are the preferred platform for the debate pulling everyone in from Taylor Swift to McDonalds. Relationships are even in jeopardy.

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