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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 4, 2016


digital, social, This Week in Social

This Week in Social - Twitter invests in chatbots, Vine co-founders launch a new streaming service, and Facebook leads in mobile. Read on for more...


Customer Service Bot
Twitter is the latest contender in the ‘battle of the bots’! The channel is launching various features for brands to improve their customer service – chatbots being one of them.

Hands Off The Handles!
In a bid to maximise the 140-character limit, Twitter has recently been testing the removal of user handles from replies – but it hasn’t gone down well!


Mobile is Massive
Facebook’s mobile business is bigger than ever as the majority of users access the platform exclusively from their mobile device. Take a look at the numbers…

Looking For Loyalty?
Facebook has just released a new report on brand loyalty, and millennials.


What’s The Hype?
On the back of recent news bidding farewell to the six-second video sharing site, Vine – its co-founders have just launched a new streaming service named Hype.

Comment Control
A new beta tool has been revealed by YouTube that automatically detects any inappropriate comments left on videos. It also allows its creators like comments with hearts and pin their top comments.

Insta-scrolling just got a lot more interesting for shopaholics – the platform has just entered the social commerce space

VIP Edits
After revealing the VIP Pinterest program two months ago, the channel has decided to remove the follower requirement from its eligibility rules.


Tone Death
EA removes its recent #JustWWIThings campaign for its latest Battlefield One game due to social media backlash.

This is the second time that a Facebook “Live” video has fooled millions online…


Financial Times
The FT has found unexpected social media success in its use of Instagram; going from 40,000 followers to 286,000 in just one year.


Where would you belong? Go to Instagram to find out…

Krispy Kreme Effect
Perfectly captured on camera!

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