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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

July 10, 2015


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This Week in Social brings you the latest news from the most popular social platforms, with some creative inspiration thrown in too.

So, what’s been happening in the world of social this week?


Facebook updates that you really want 

After another revamp of the Facebook News Feed the platform now allows you to filter posts, leaving you with the information you really want to see.

Icon equality

Another subtle change has been made to Facebook’s branding after the recent logo redesign. The Friends and Groups icons now display males and females equally.

Floating videos

Facebook now lets you detach a video from News Feeds to move it anywhere within the browser window. This change means you can scroll through Facebook while continuing to watch videos.

Likes, comments & shares – for free!
Current changes are taking place to how Facebook charges brands for clicks on ads. The new policy will result in likes, comments and shares being given away for free, while brands are only charged for actual advert clicks.


Indexed tweets

After the recent partnership with Google, a new study reveals that more tweets are being indexed than ever before. Despite this, the SEO value of tweets has not yet increased – but the optimum word here is ‘yet’.

Display your birthday

Twitter now allows you to display your birthday – the platform will respond with animated balloons popping up across your profile. Comedian Kevin Hat has helped promotions by kicking off the latest feature.


Instagram goes 1080 x 1080

The latest movement to upload high resolution images on Instagram (on iPhone 6 Plus), means that high definition selfies and plates of food will be flooding your news feed soon!

Pinterest partners with IFTTT and Polyvore

IFTTT and Polyvore are confirmed to be the first partners for Pinterest’s developer platform. These integrations mean that you will be able to experience your Pinterest account connecting to other platforms such as Instagram or Dropbox.

Meerkat ‘Cameo’ 

In a new partnership with Facebook, Meerkat has unveiled a new feature called ‘Cameo’, allowing broadcasters to invite viewers to take over streams for up to sixty seconds. This can be connected to Facebook to help users see when friends join.

YouTube isn’t worried…

Video giant YouTube has reportedly said that it does not see Facebook as an imminent threat to its share of video ad revenues, as the market is big enough for both (for now…).

Social Winner

Game, set and match to Wimbledon 

This year Wimbledon is taking over social media, acing Twitter, Vine, Periscope and Instagram!

Channel 4 gives Twitter control

In a world first, Channel 4 viewers will be able to control what they see during the ad break via Twitter. Tune in and log on this evening using the #ChooseDark, #ChooseShadow and #ChooseLight hashtags.

Brands on the #TubeStrike

Some used the hashtag to empathize, others to poke fun and some even helped commuters with a little encouragement. My personal favorite – ‘Miso Late’ offers from Yo Sushi!

Sharks and Meerkats

To celebrate the 28th annual Shark Week, Discovery uses the new embedding technology of live streaming platform Meerkat, featuring all @SharkWeek videos on

Social Losers

Selfie loving Russians

Taking the perfect selfie is literally risking the lives of so many people, that Russia has issued an official safe selfie guide.

Creative Spot of the Week

Facts & figures

Get socially savvy with these latest stats!

The Great Escape 

A delightful stunt that involves an interactive billboard and a live feed of a man in the Graubünden mountains, printing tickets for commuters to come join him.

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