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Rachel Rayner

Published on

August 26, 2016


This Week in Social

This Week in Social we’re seen changes to Facebook’s advertising targeting system. Good news for brands, but consumers aren’t so sure. Read on for this and all of this week’s essential social media updates.


Don’t @ Me
Twitter’s new button will now allow users to DM brands directly from the web, in a move designed to keep complaints off public feeds.

No More Trolls
In a move to curb abuse, Twitter is launching quality filters and updating notification settings to reduce the amount of spam users get.


Lifestyle Changes
Facebook’s targeting Generation Z with a new app. Lifestyle encourages users to upload pictures and video based on their likes and dislikes. And it’s for kids only, as users over 21 can only view their own profile.

Hit the Target
Your suspicions are correct: Facebook knows who you vote for, and is targeting ads appropriately.

Plus, WhatsApp will now share your phone number with its parent company for better targeting – although your messages will remain encrypted.

Listen Up
Facebook is currently running a limited trial of videos autoplaying with sound. This may increase view rates, while turning off users in equal numbers.


Pin Ups
Instapaper, a tool to save articles and webpages to read offline, is joining Pinterest. Will the visual bookmarking system become a little less visual?

Keep an eye out for new emojis! Five new professionals (including artist and astronaut) may be coming soon.

Social Winners

Live Stream University
Mike Smalls Jr., an 18 year old YouNow star has received $52,000 in scholarships to attend Michigan State thanks to his live streaming.

Social Losers

Happy Birthday?
Facebook celebrated the web’s birthday… on the wrong date. There are several possible dates for the web’s conception, and the date celebrated was none of them.

Too Sharp
A poorly considered campaign hits a painful note.

Creative Spot

Pokemon GoHome
After spotting a rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric after Brexit, a group has been telling Pokemon to go home to highlight the good things newcomers (including Pokemon!) can bring to a country.

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