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Beverley Noble

Published on

September 29, 2017


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Facebook Down

Facebook broke down for 30 minutes on Wednesday at 7:30pm (BST) and failed to load for many users across the globe. The problem was found by the Down Detector, an algorithm that detects when people report the platform as faulty. The cause of the failure is unclear, but it was likely due to a technical problem. #facebookdown trended on Twitter, but the site was fixed by 7:45pm.

Russian Trolls

It has emerged that Russian trolls did not just spread fake news about the Clintons, they also impersonated groups such as ‘Muslims of America’ to stir tensions. U.S. investigators are now trying to figure out whether Russian operators and members of Trump’s team has any link to the activities.



Twitter is changing its distinguishing feature: the 140-character limit. As TechCrunch reports, the micro-blogging platform has cited research that shows users want more room to express themselves… But might their stagnating user base also be a motivation for the change?

Data Diet

Twitter is introducing a ‘lite’ version specifically designed for developing markets. Twitter Lite will use less data and takes up only 3mb on your device. It will also only preview images and videos, making full view optional. It is being released in the Philippines, whose user base is the fastest-growing of the developing markets.


Social Utopia

Instagram is adding several features to make it a nicer place to be. Users will now be protected by better comment filters in more languages, and will have the power to stop specific users from commenting on posts. Instagram is also encouraging users to spread the love with ‘kindness stickers’.

Snapchat AR Filters

Remember Snapchat’s dancing hotdog? The feature behind it – 3D World Lenses – is now available to advertisers, and can be targeted by age, gender and interests. Warner Bros. and Bud Lite have already got in the game, with moving 3D objects that respond to camera movement.



27 years since the first protests were held, women in Saudi Arabia can now drive. The royal decree was announced Tuesday and the reaction on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. Celebs from all over the world, including Rhianna, showed their support for women’s rights in the country using the hashtag #Women2Drive.


When Hef met Marilyn (or not…)

After the death of the Playboy founder, many social media users paid tribute with a photo of the Hef lighting a cigarette for Marilyn Monroe. Although the fifties bombshell was on the first ever Playboy cover, the man lighting Marilyn’s cigarette was in fact actor Laurence Olivier. It just goes to show that fact-checking in the digital world isn’t always what it should be.


The Iron Eagle

Ikea has worked with creative agency Mother London and Sheffield artist Jason Heppenstall to create a memorable sculpture for its Sheffield store opening – a 23-foot-wide falcon…. Made entirely out of 17,000 Allen keys. The falcon is native to the area and has become a beloved local symbol, so locals have reacted well to the eye-catching installation.

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