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Yla O'Riordan

Published on

September 6, 2019


In 2018, Facebook launched its own dating app (creatively named Facebook Dating). This week, the app was made available in the USA, with some exciting changes. The biggest shake up? The marriage of users’ Facebook and Instagram profiles for the first time.

Facebook bought Instagram over seven years ago, however it’s safe to say they’re still separate entities. Beyond Facebook Stories and the ability to follow/ friend someone you follow/friend on the other app, the social media sites have not integrated. Facebook Dating is the first step in this direction. The app offers users the ability to pick the best bits from their Facebook and Instagram accounts to make up their profile – including posts and stories.


The next exciting feature? “Secret crush”. Secret crush already existed through Facebook – basically, users select which of their friends are their secret crushes. If they pick you too, voila, Facebook Dating sets you up. The app kindly saves you the public embarrassment of unrequited love and doesn’t reveal your crushes if they don’t like you back. Instead, you can sit in your bedroom, with the knowledge that they didn’t choose you, and play James Blunt on a loop. Hooray!


It’s unclear how Facebook Dating will affect Instagram and Facebook’s collaboration with other dating apps, such as Hinge and Tinder. What’s clear is that Facebook saw the potential in the dating market, and realised that it already has two fantastic assets that dating apps depend on – photos, and mutual friends.


If Facebook decides to cut off the other dating apps, the entire industry could be in uproar. Will users remain loyal to the dating apps they’ve used over the years, or instead choose the simplicity of an easily made profile, and the benefit of secret crushes? First Facebook shook up the friend industry, and now it’s shaking up dating. What could possibly be next?


Facebook Dating is expected to roll out in Europe early next year. I’ll have James Blunt’s Hot Hits Spotify playlist downloaded in good time.


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