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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

September 9, 2016


This Week in Social

Instagram gets rid of Photo Maps (yup! IG had a maps function), Snapchat continues to dominate, Twitter causes upset with read receipts and more in social this week below.


DM Read Receipts
Ignoring that last message? Twitter has just introduced read receipts to Direct Messages – it’s currently on as default, but can be disabled.


What’s The Goss?
Keep in the loop! Facebook is currently testing a very Twitter-like feature that shows users ‘what friends are talking about’ on newsfeeds.

Global Lookalikes
Facebook is extending its Lookalike Audience targeting feature. Advertisers can now match like-minded audiences across international boarders.


On track for major growth, Snapchat is in prime position for development of new tools and features. Check out how they’ve done it and and the channel shouldn’t be ignored.

Instagram has decided to say farewell to its Photo Maps option as has never been widely used. But in brighter news, the channel is adding a new light level detection tool.

Social winners

Social Gold Medal…
… goes to Snapchat! More than half of its daily active UK users tuned into the platforms’s LIVE Stories feature to keep up with the recent games!
Snapchat mobile home screen.

Social losers

Elevator Tweet
A little too late?

Social Security
Labour MP Owen Smith shares a little too much on Twitter…

Fake Account
In a bid for bank account details, a fake NatWest Twitter profile is the latest example of social phishing scams.

Creative spot

Shoppable Film
Ted Baker gets ambitious with content and launches latest ad pairs shoppable film technology with Google’s voice search functionality.

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