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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 17, 2017


Social Media, This Week in Social

This Week In Social,  two of the world’s largest social media platforms are setting out to make the Web a safer place by tackling online abuse and thwarting terrorism. Check out our round-up of the best social news from the last week.


Sound On

Facebook videos will now automatically play sound by default. Even though no one asked for that.

Spotting Danger

The social media network has a plan to use artificial intelligence to root out terrorism and more…

Trending News

To fight the spread of fake news on the platform, Facebook is changing its Trending topics.



Muting Abuse

Twitter is rolling out an update that wants to spare you from abusive conversations.

Red Carded

Be warned boys and girls: If you act out, Twitter’s going to send you to the naughty step for a time-out.


Periscope X Top Trends

For you broadcast fans: Twitter’s recently launched “Explore” section will now feature live videos from Periscope.



Snapping Sharks

Snapchat taps up Discovery to bring the shows Shark Week and Myth Busters into its app.

Ready for AR?

Snapchat might be the first social media app to bring us good AR, so let’s hope this isn’t just a rumour..


Feminist Wingbot

Did your cliché pick-up lines fail you this Valentine’s day? Ditch your wingman and go for a Feminist Wingbot…


Safety Fail

Twitter said it would no longer notify users when added to a list, but had to back-peddle about two hours later…

Failed Valentine

One of London’s most popular tourist attractions faced severe social media backlash for its Valentine’s social media campaign.


Creative Spots

Say My Name

Spotify’s latest clever campaign makes fun of strange user-generated playlist names.

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