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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

December 9, 2016


digital, social, This Week in Social

This Week in Social is all about updates, as Facebook unveils a new ad format, and Instagram announces new features. Plus, Trump comes under fire. Check out what's new this week in social media...


Better Visibility
Google has tweaked its desktop SERP UI making Twitter feeds more visible than ever. The change is likely to have a major impact on desktop-based user behaviour and is expected to raise the bar for brand marketers as they will need to provide fresh, updated information to flow on a near real-time basis.


Farewell Fake News
Facebook is testing a new tool that will help users identify and hide fake stories. The social network will be asking readers to rank on a scale of one to five the extent that they think a link’s headline uses misleading language.

Targeting 2.0
As an expansion of dynamic ads, Facebook is launching a new mobile ad format enabling businesses to advertise products in which a customer has already shown an interest, along with a link to download the brand’s app to complete the purchase.


TTFN, Trolls!
Instagram users will soon be able to turn off comments and boot followers from private accounts in a bid to curb abuse and make the platform a “safe place for self-expression”.

Best Foot Forward
Pinterest continues its journey towards become a bigger player in the e-commerce space. The platform has introduced a new showcase display option brands can use to highlight their top boards and products.

3D Snaps?
Have we just been given a sneak peak into future plans? Snap Inc, has listed a series of 3D-centric job postings hinting that the business plans to get even more interactive in the coming year.


Tackling Extremism
A joint initiative from Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft is taking the battle against extremist content to the next level. The big four are pulling together a database of terrorist content to better track and eliminate it.


Bridging The Gap

The Foreign Office came under fire recently for trying to promote the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland due to open in 2017… by using an image of the Forth Bridge constructed in 1890. Naturally the Twitter community was confused by the random image choice and retaliated with its own suggestions…

You Are Blocked

An untold number of Twitter users have been blocked by Donald Trump – the future President of the United States. Ever since his presidential election win, Trump has been heavily using the site’s block feature, causing a storm of tweets by the dismayed users. Ah, politics!


She Doesn’t Want To Cuddle 🙁

The clever guys at Ikea’s Swedish ad agency have developed a SEO focused campaign putting Ikea “Where Life Happens” by renaming products to solutions for life’s little ‘challenges’. So when searching “My partner snores” Ikea is helping you find a solution with its daybed.

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