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Brittany Ruppert

Published on

June 2, 2017


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On Trend

Facebook released its monthly ‘Topics to Watch’ report this week, highlighting the key subjects making waves on the platform. It’s something worth taking note of – Facebook says that up to 80% of topics identified in this way go on to become more significant trends. So, from house music to sleeve tattoos, here are a few topics likely to grow in relevance over coming months.


Facebook is revamping its photo albums, to make them more like scrapbooks. Under the update, which rolled out on Android and desktop this week, users can add videos, check-ins and text posts to albums. They can also choose a ‘featured album’ to display on their profiles and choose to follow friends’ albums so they get notified when they get updated.



Speaking at Code Conference this week, Twitter’s COO Anthony Noto provided some interesting insights into Twitter’s sense of identity and future direction. ‘Twitter is the best at showing what’s happening in the world,’ Noto said. He also explained that Twitter wouldn’t look to charge all users subscription fees because it would undermine this position.

New Inbox, Who Dis

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram, Twitter this week introduced a secondary inbox for direct messages from people you don’t follow. The ‘Requests’ folder obviously only applies if a user has elected to receive DMs from anyone, but it provides a good way of filtering incoming messages.


Jumping on the Bandwagon

Skype has struggled to compete against the likes of Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage in recent years, but this week Microsoft revamped their messaging service. Billed as ‘the next generation of Skype’ the new interface interestingly includes a Snapchat-like camera feature called ‘capture’.

Quite a Spectacle

Snap Inc this week brought their Spectacles to Europe. Dispensed through bright yellow vending machines called Snapbots, the glasses sell for £130 and are available in changing spots around London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Venice. The Spectacles, which launched in the US in September last year, have a built-in video camera which records footage that can then be shared on Snapchat.



This week’s social loser needs no introduction. The Leader of the Free World sent social media into a flurry this week after sending out a late-night tweet reading: ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’… and leaving it there for five hours (and 126,000 retweets) before hitting the delete button. It’s a hilarious climax in the President’s infamous relationship with Twitter, which has no doubt caused his lawyers and advisers to lose many hours of sleep.



Instagram is celebrating June’s Pride Month with the release of a bunch of LGBTQ-themed rainbow stickers. The six stickers, which can be used on Instagram stories, were created by LGBTQ artists from around the world, and depict different portions of queer culture and life. The social network is also using the Pride stickers to give these queer creatives – and their work – a wider reach.


No Seal is Safe

The world loves when Shark Week comes on Discovery Channel each year. And they also love a good pun… Well this highly amusing ad, featuring Grammy-award winning singer Seal combines the two. Seal, sharks… can you see where this is going? Best check it out for yourself.

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