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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

October 9, 2015


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It’s been more than a decade in the making, but the Dislike button is finally (almost) here… sort of.

Read on for all the details, plus Life-Sized Emojis, Twitter Moments, rugby boots, and everything else which has happened This Week in Social.


Life-Sized Emoji

Twitter has injected some fun into the DM feature by updated the way emoji look within it. The larger images now resemble ‘stickers’ used in other channels such as Facebook and Snapchat.

The ‘Moment’ Is Here

This week Twitter launched ‘Moments’, previously known as ‘Project Lightning’. This new feature will have it’s own tab in the navigation bar, and showcases real-time discussions on Twitter as another way of displaying conversation around current trending topics.


Augmented Facebook 

Mr. Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is currently not just working on virtual reality, but augmented realty too! Watch this (augmented) space…

Facebook Reactions

In place of the much discussed ‘Dislike’ button, the channel has decided to go a step further in rolling out ‘Facebook Reactions’.  With the choice of multiple emoji-inspired buttons, users will have more choice than to ‘like’ content.


Happy Birthday Instagram

Instagram turned five this week, and to celebrate it decided to reveal the official list of the top five accounts – take a look!

YouTube iOS Makeover

Some of you may have spotted the redesign of the app this week – the update also includes new in-app video editing features.  

60 Million Buyable Pins

Pinterest’s efforts to up it’s method of monetisation have resulted in over sixty million buyable Pins on the channel. This is particularly impressive given that the step towards e-commerce only started in June this year.

Social Winner

Optimising Ad Space

A recent YouTube project by JWT Brazil has been utilising the blank black bars on vertical videos as ad space for nonprofits. ‘Black Bars Donation’ is designed to be a cost effective way of advertising for charitable causes that don’t have the budgets for paid media.

Social Losers

Trolling The Underdog

Gillette has gained some social backlash for a rather unusual marketing tactic. In a bid to get one over, the legacy brand has been promoting negative third party tweets about it’s significantly smaller competitor. Too aggressive?

Creative Spot

‘How Many Boots Is A Rugby Player’s Twitter Following Worth?’

Take a look at the Adobe Digital Index results, for a visual representation of the top socially followed athletes on Twitter and Facebook.

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