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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

June 3, 2016


Live-streaming comes out on top, as one of social media’s biggest platforms makes changes, and new user numbers are announced.  Check out what’s new this week in social media…


Twitter is testing out a Periscope button for select mobile users

Selected mobile users are testing a new Periscope ‘Live’ button embedded within Twitter’s platform – making streaming and broadcasting as easy as a touch of a button!


Safety Checks

Facebook is building on its ‘I’m safe’ feature and letting users ask friends in crisis areas if they’re safe and sound.


Facebook is reporting that its new AI can understand text with ‘near-human accuracy’ – it can even knows your ‘bro’ is your brother!



Snapchat On Top

In the battle for daily active users – Snapchat now has more daily active users than Twitter.


IG Means Business

Instagram is stepping up its game and will finally give businesses an official presence on its platform.


Social Winners

No Time For Hate

Tech giants including Twitter and Facebook are to crack down on hate speech under new EU rules.


Time For Equality

Instagram is looking to highlight the current lack of diversity within the fashion industry with their current #RunwayForAll campaign.

Social Losers

Keep Your Passwords Safe

This week a hacker hijacked Katy Perry’s Twitter account, and sent a barrage of insults to her 89 million followers. Even celebrities have to update their passwords regularly!


And Always Have Permission

Donald Trump has sent another blunder of a Tweet mixing up reality, for a simulator image that he didn’t have permission to use.


Creative Spot

Slip-N-Slide Sunscreen

Nivea has made a waterslide that applies sunscreen to kids, so parents don’t have to!


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