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Ellie Hardinges

Published on

July 24, 2020


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It was discussed a lot at the start of lockdown about how B2C influencers could effectively be out of the job if they couldn’t post Instagrams of their lavish holidays and expensive meals out. However, B2B influencers have also been hit hard by the pandemic due to a key part of their role being attending or speaking at corporate events. This not only could be a source of income, but builds their reputation so that they are continued to be viewed as top ‘experts’.


Influencer marketing in the B2B had been rising in popularity due to the evidence of it boosting a brand’s social media engagement and lead generation. Despite this, with many marketing budgets cut on a global scale, this may have meant that influencer marketing had slipped off your team’s to-do list.


As we start to creep into the ‘new normal’ and the economy begins to open up a bit more, in a few month’s time those that had completely paused all influencer activity may struggle to reinvigorate it again. Therefore, here’s 3 (free) tips to keeping up your relationships with B2B influencers so that you can continue to collaborate.


  • Regularly check-in


Throughout this difficult time, there has been a lot of emphasis on checking in on our friends and family to make sure they’re okay. This little gesture can go a long way with influencers, so simply sending an email every few weeks to ask how they are and commenting on their activity on social media will be a gesture greatly appreciated by influencers and helps maintain a genuine relationship with the influencers and your brand. Don’t make your ‘check-in’ seem like you’re only doing it for the benefit of your business though, that’s likely to just aggravate any influencer.


  • Help each-other


It’s a key premise of working with B2B influencers, but ensuring that you are engaging with their content on social media is vital in maintaining a good relationship. Especially when news or activity from your own brand may have slowed down because of the pandemic, this is the perfect opportunity to find interesting content from ‘experts’ in your field which you can comment on or give an opinion on. Ultimately, this also contributes to the authenticity of your brand.


  • Host a virtual event


As mentioned, attending events is usually a regular occurrence for many B2B influencers which has all been put on pause during this time. This in-person networking is something very important for many brands and influencers as it builds relationships and can be a source of content. However, there is a way you can replicate this same atmosphere without jetting off to big conference centres. Inviting influencers to join your brand’s spokespeople for a virtual session to explore key topics in their field of expertise will give everyone an opportunity for stimulating conversation and relationship building. You may also be able to turn the discussion into a blog or short video clips to promote later on.



All of these tips are simple ways that you can maintain an authentic relationship with influencers at a time where in-person meetings can’t happen and budgets may be tight. In the long run, this can help boost your social media engagement and align your brand with a well-respected third party.


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