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Beverley Noble

Published on

January 12, 2018


advertising, facebook, instagram, Social Media, This Week in Social


Adventures in Alternate Dimensions

Facebook is reportedly making a video-chat device called Portal, signalling yet another move by the social network to enter the physical world. Portal is Facebook’s answer to the smart home devices we’ve seen from the likes of Amazon and Google, but the $499 price tag could put off even the hardiest tech addicts.

Social First

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the News Feed will start demoting brand content. This is part of Facebook’s new commitment to putting meaningful social interactions first. Brands will now need to create community spirit on the platform to retain visibility.


Verified, or…

Last month Twitter announced it was pausing its ‘verified user’ programme, after controversy around the ‘verification’ of a white supremacist. However, now the coveted blue ticks are re-appearing, despite Twitter failing to announce any changes to its system. Is this an embarrassing case of about-face or are we missing something?


Fox Sports is expanding its coverage of the FIFA World Cup this year to Twitter and Snapchat. Live shows from Russia, celebrity Q&As and video highlights should draw in the fans. The content is aimed at increasing engagement and tapping into shifting viewing habits.



Instagram now allows users to post their Stories directly to Whatsapp as a ‘status’. Just like Stories, the statuses will be visible for 24 hours. This cross-posting test should help spur on the growth of the WhatsApp statuses feature.

Delayed Gratification

Snapchat is reportedly considering the introduction of ads that can only be skipped after 3 seconds. The current time before skipping is less than a second, and Snap has previously been reluctant to force ads on users. Guaranteed eyeballs would be a big draw for brands, but will their target audiences put up with it?


Standing Together
Ladies at the Golden Globes brought our minds back to the #MeToo campaign, as they took to the red carpet dressed in all-black in a powerful show of female solidarity. As awards rolled in for Hollywood’s female stars, so too did social media support for their cause. And after her rousing speech on the Cecil B Demille award winner’s podium, we’re thinking #Oprah2020.


Fashion Faux-Pas

Fashion retailer H&M suffered backlash this week after publishing images of a black child model wearing a hoodie printed with the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. The social media response was as scathing as it was predictable. The misstep comes only months after the brand came into conflict with PETA for another hoodie design.


New Year, New Take

This January, Soul Cycle took an unorthodox approach to New Years’ Resolutions. The American spin gym brand is encouraging followers to #ScrewResolutions and pursue the things that make them happy. The social media campaign earned the brand serious kudos. One tip was ‘walk around naked’… so maybe take it with a grain of salt.

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