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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 6, 2015


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This week’s round of platform updates have almost been overshadowed by the Christmas ads heralding the start of the silly season. Read on for more…


Starry Eyed Or Full Of Love?

Twitter has switched it’s ‘Favourites’ with stars to ‘likes’ with hearts. This is a move to make the channel more attractive to new users, as the star was considered a bit of a confusing feature. However, existing users aren’t all loving the change… 

Moments Launches In UK

Twitter is on the hunt for UK journalists to fill out its team ahead of the ‘Moments’ launch, a new feature designed to curate the most “newsworthy updates across everything from entertainment to sports”.


Musical Facebook

Users now have the ability add 30-second music clips to feeds with a new discovery tool called Music Stories. 

Hi, My Name Is…

In streamlining their ‘real name’ policy, Facebook is looking to reduce the number of people being asked to verify their names, while making it easier confirm users’ identities.


Virtual Reality On YouTube

YouTube has added support for virtual reality videos to its Android app and announced that all videos can now be viewed with their ‘Cardboard’ virtual reality headset, Google says the feature for iOS is coming soon!

Social Loser

Embarrassing Headlines

The Stornoway Gazette has drummed up a cringeworthy social media storm as It takes to Twitter to criticise itself!

Going Fruit And Nuts…

Many Cadbury lovers and chocoholics on Twitter expressed their rage at the recent Fruit & Nut recipe change… 

Social Winner

Twitter Picks Purple

In preparation for the 2016 Formula One season, Pirelli have sought the help of Twitter users to pick the purple branding of their Ultrasoft tyres.  

Iconic #RedCups

Starbucks have installed a giant gingerbread-latte-smelling Red Cup installation in London that will gradually light up as customers tweet out #RedCups and emoji!


According to his Twitter profile, @johnlewis is a “Computer science educator, father of four, social liberal, atheist, and not a retail store.” Based in Blacksburg, Virginia, he’s once again being a good sport about his superficial similarity to a certain shop. 

Creative Spot 


The festive adverts are starting to appear, and one in particular has been gaining tremendous buzz! The John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon ad is not only a real tearjerker, it also comes with a beautiful scrolling webpage… take a look!

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