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Beverley Noble

Published on

September 8, 2017



Watch tab launches in US

Facebook’s new Watch tab has launched to all US users. The feature aggregates video content so users can like and follow their favourite series. The current offering is largely low-cost productions like reality TV, but to seduce YouTube and Netflix addicts the social platform will have to up its game.

Creator Amplification

Facebook it rolling out a new feature that will allow advertisers to promote third-party influencer content. The Creator Amplification feature can target specific groups, but may make influencer marketing more expensive as a result. But the net effect will a reduction of influencer power, as huge followings can now be refined to smaller sub-groups.


New(?) terms

A wave of online grumblings against Twitter’s new terms of service have been circulating the web. But in fact, many of the changes were made some time ago. The section that is particularly ruffling feathers says that Twitter is now allowed to make content ‘available to other companies, organisations or individuals’ who can then re-publish it without paying the original content uploader.

Dark Side

Twitter for desktop now has night mode, featuring a dark blue background. The optional feature was already introduced on Android phones in July 2016, and this roll out really just represents a move towards consistency across the interface accessed from all devices. It should reduce eye-strain during your midnight feed scroll, though.


Stories On Desktop

Its user figures already out-perform Snapchat, now Instagram stories are arriving on the desktop version. For now you can only view stories, but in a few months you will be able to post them too. Critics agree its success is due to how well the ‘stories’ concept fits into the purpose of Insta as a whole.


As of Wednesday, Snapchat users in several European countries will be able to create on-demand geo-filters on the mobile app. Prices start at £5.99 and the filters can last for a few days. Users can now ‘brand’ their special events with custom (Snapchat-approved) filters, reinforcing the popularity of one of app’s more unique features.


Na-na-na-na BAT DAD!

This video of awesome dad Derry Fleming catching a bat that had blundered into his kitchen. The brave patriarch approached the wild beast with a towel. The ensuing hilarity has gone viral across social media – showing us that sometimes you can’t beat spontaneity.

Bumpy (Magic Carpet) Ride

Disney has faced massive backlash on social media this week for its announcement that a white man will be playing a new character in the live-action remake of Aladdin. The move has led to allegations of white-washing. Throughout the controversy, Disney continued to post fluffy animation stills on social media.


2049 Campaign

Promotional material for the new Bladerunner film makes a stark comment on the media landscape, with realistic dystopian photography. The campaign connects to many of our current-day social and modern concerns, and even features the POTUS Twitter page. #fakenews

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