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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

May 15, 2015


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This Week in Social brings you the latest news from the most popular social platforms, with some creative inspiration thrown in too.

So, what’s been happening in the world of social this week?



BBC, Guardian, Bild and Spiegel sign up to Facebook Instant Articles

As Ian Lipner predicted earlier, Facebook this week finally introduced a product for publishers to create articles directly on Facebook. BBC News, the Guardian, Bild and Spiegel are the first European publishers to sign up to trial the new product, with the first articles due to be published later in the summer.

Facebook bug spams users with birthday reminders

A bug in Facebook’s notification system meant that it sent out much more push notifications, emails and the like than it should have. Just in case you wondered where the flood of reminders for friends’ birthdays came from.



#TwitterFiction Festival

This week more than 20 authors signed up to share new, original stories, one tweet at a time during the #TwitterFiction festival. The hashtag is still generating several tweets per minute today, on the last day of the festival week.

Tweets about twitterfiction


Pinterest Searches for Proof That Pinning Leads to Purchases

More than half (52%) of approximately 1,500 active Pinterest users surveyed agreed that Pinterest helps them find items they want to buy. Not unimportantly for advertisers, ‘active Pinners are often likely to be on the verge of getting married, buying a house, having a baby or experiencing some other momentous life moment.’

Periscope does keep videos (and they can be edited after they’ve been deleted)

Although it may appear to users as if Periscope videos are deleted, videos from the live-streaming app actually stay on its servers. Not only are they not deleted, the company’s terms of service then allow the site to alter and then transmit the video, without telling or paying users.


Social Winner

Domino’s will now let you order pizza through Twitter via emoji

Domino’s ordering system will include the option of placing an order by tweeting a pizza emoji, according a USA Today report. The service is limited to US customers only. All you need to do is register your Twitter handle on their Domino’s Pizza Easy Order Profile, then simply tweet #EasyOrder or just the pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter handle.

WWF followed by identifying the emoji animals that are endangered, and then encouraging participants to pay 10 cents for each time they use them in a tweet.


Social Loser

‘Ride me all day for £3’ bus ads with topless women will be removed after outrage

The New Adventure Travel Group wanted to make catching the bus ‘attractive to the younger generation’ by placing large adverts on buses depicting topless men and women, holding signs that read: ‘Ride me all day for £3.’ The campaign backfired, which lead the company to issue a statement on Monday, insisting that the advert was not meant to cause offense. The pictures were removed within 24 hours.


Creative Spot of the Week

Huggies 3D-printed ultrasound Seeing a baby for the first time is a special moment. This campaign gave a new mother, who lost her vision at the age of 17, the ability to visualize her baby through a 3D-printed ultrasound, sponsored by Huggies, a diaper company.

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