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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

May 22, 2015


digital marketing, Social Media, This Week in Social

This Week in Social brings you the latest news from the most popular social platforms, with some creative inspiration thrown in too.

So, what’s been happening in the world of social this week? Here’s the lowdown:



Talk of businesses making contact via WhatsApp

Earlier this week, Facebook said it could allow businesses engage with users of WhatsApp, (the messaging service it acquired last year for $21.8bn). Despite its impressive growth as a platform, Zuckerberg has been reported to have said that the company is in no rush to allow B2C communication on the channel until it reaches one billion users.



Searching Google for Tweets

The two giants have teamed up to enable Google users to find tweets a lot easier, adding them directly into search results. This means for the first time, you can now find Tweets outside of the Twitter platform itself.



Google minus G+

Following the murmurs of Google+ making big changes to its social network, Google has allegedly decided to ‘sever links to its G+ social network from its latest photo sharing and storage tool.’



Watch and Shop

Youtube has added a click-to-shop button to its TrueView Ads. The change has increased the interactivity of Ads and in some cases, already generated three times the revenue when compared to standard YouTube Ad spots.

Spotify takes on YouTube

The music streaming channel has recently introduced podcasts and video to its app. The new development will also allow Spotify to suggest video and audio shows to its users based on their usage.


Social Winners

Obama broke Twitter

Well not the platform itself, but the record for reaching one million followers! It took Barack Obama only 5 hours after signing up with his new personal account, @POTUS. Kudos Mr. President, but we think the real winner here is Bill Clinton with his welcome Tweet…


Users of Instagram have flooded the channel with images of their bare feet in a bid to give shoes to children most in need. Launched by Tom Shoe, throughout the month, 265,000 shoes have been given to impoverished children.

Nottingham Police Swipes Right…

Nottingham Police are tracking down a wanted man, sharing his Tinder pictures on Twitter and asking users to ‘help find him in person’.


Social Losers


Paid Hate on Twitter

The channel has come under fire after allowing a troll to pay to promote abusive messaging.


Creative Spot of the week

Interactive Bus Backs

Volkswagen launched an interactive and responsive bus back advertisements on road safety. Accidents are kept at bay by displaying the distance between the bus and driver behind them, promoting drivers to keep a safe distance.

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