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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

March 18, 2016



This Week in Social there’s major changes to Twitter’s algorithm, new potential for marketers on Facebook, and you won’t believe who’s joined Instagram. Plus, find out how to get secret Facebook games, and read on for all of this week’s social media news.


Algorithm Default 

The recent change in Twitter’s newsfeed algorithm is live by default for all users. Everyone will now see Tweets organised by relevancy rather than chronology, but for those who prefer the old format this can be changed manually.


Facebook Frames

A newly emerging trend of Facebook Frames is appearing for various sports teams, causes, events and promotions. Could this be a new opportunity for Marketers?


Date Display

As part of the recent move to showcase posts out of chronological order, Instagram is now displaying the exact date of which an image was shared. No longer will you have to calculate how long “32 weeks ago” was! Discover what the new algorithm could mean for agencies and brands.

TV Streaming Wars

The video battle continues! Both social giants Twitter and Facebook are currently eyeing up the live streaming rights to share conventional TV programmes on their platforms.

Social Winner


A good brand is never one to let a holiday go by without some sort of social tribute. Check out who posted what this year in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Pope Posting Pics

Pope Francis is certainly not shying away from technology as he is about to add Instagram to his social footprint!

Social Loser

Nikon Fail Pt 2

Another photoshop gone wrong, another Nikon fail… Of course the Twitter-sphere would’t allow this one to go unnoticed either.

Creative Spot

First Person Hitman

Check out these real-life first person gamers taking part in the latest Hitman campaign. There’s even a Chuckle Brothers appearance!

Secret Games

Seen the new secret game in Facebook’s Messenger app yet? Find out how to access and play…

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