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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

September 4, 2015


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It’s been another crazy week in social media. Here’s your weekly round-up of all the latest from the world’s most popular social media platforms.


New Image Options

Stickers and Overlays and GIFs – oh my! There are new image options available on Twitter and have been recently tried out by celebs attending the VMA Awards. There’s no word yet on when the changes will be rolled out more generally – or even if they will be offered at all. 

Extended Self-Service Ads

Twitter has announced that it has extended it self-service ads from 33 to over 200 countries. While users might worry this will mean an increase in advertising, it’s exciting news for smaller businesses as the change will make it easier than ever to place ads. 


New Ads Testing

Facebook is currently testing a new, immersive mobile ad format called ‘immersive experiences’. The expanded advertising will link back to a website – and will give advertisers a whole new playground.

Pop-Out Video

The new pop-out videos being tested by Facebook will follow users along their news feed, designed to encourage greater engagement rates. It’s all part of Facebook’s grand plan to build a video sharing platform on par with YouTube – the roll out is limited so far, so it’s unclear how users will react. 


Instagram’s DM Update

In the latest update Instagram has focused on the way images are shared within the platform. Users can now share images from their feeds to friends, reply to messages with photos, and start a text conversation. It’s another change which illustrates that Instagram is a major social player.

Meerkat Updates To Compete With Periscope

In the latest updates to the live streaming application, users will have the ability to include trending hashtags, live polling and picture sharing within broadcasts. 

For more on the differences between Meerkat and Periscope, check out this infographic.

Social Winners

VMAs Most Tweeted Awards

This year the awards show generated 21.4 million tweets – that’s 8.8 million more than the 2014 VMA Awards!

Obama On Instagram

President Obama took over the White House’s Instagram account during a recent trip to Alaska as a way of visually generating awareness around climate change issues. Despite the seriousness of the issue, there was still time for a few selfies.

Social Losers

Twitter Reactions To Deadline Day

Manchester United and Real Madrid football clubs failed to seal a Davide De Gea deal, and the Twitter world wouldn’t let it go…

Creative Spot Of The Week

Tweets In Time Square

In it’s latest campaign, Diet Coke is turning fan tweets into artwork on a billboard in Times Square. Fans can expect to see images featuring the artwork on social for a while to come. 

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