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Brittany Ruppert

Published on

July 7, 2017




Facebook this week announced an expansion of its Find Wi-Fi feature, which is now being rolled out worldwide for Android and iOS users. The feature comes in handy when you have bad signal or need to save data, showing you nearby businesses that offer free Wi-Fi .


In a continued effort to combat fake news and spam content, Facebook has announced an update to its newsfeed algorithm. Under the update, pages which regularly post several links in quick successions will be ‘deprioritised’.


Spy Games

A judge this week ruled that Twitter could move forward with a lawsuit that aims to allow technology companies to speak more openly about the surveillance requests they receive from the US government. Twitter filed the lawsuit in 2014 after the Edward Snowden revelations.

Video Go

Twitter has gone in big on video over recent months, and the stats show that it is an effective way of reaching audiences – tweets with videos generate 9x more engagement. So in response to that Twitter has released some notes on why and how you should be using video on the platform. Take a look.



Instagram users were left frustrated earlier this week, when a glitch led to several users’ accounts being deleted or disabled, without warning or reason. The accounts were eventually restored, fully in tact… Except in the case of Rob Kardashian, who really did have his account suspended this week (please refer to ‘Social Loser’ below).


The battle of Snapchat and Instagram Stories continues – and this time it’s Snap copying its rival, allowing users to add links to their Snaps using the ‘Paperclip’ option. This feature is currently only available to users with more than 10k followers on Instagram.



Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or is it a tweet sent by Ryan Reynolds? A broken-hearted fan, Gabi Dunn, decided to photoshop Reynolds over her ex-boyfriend’s face in their prom pictures after a tough break-up. The internet now has a new superhero.


Revenge Porn

Reality ‘star’ Rob Kardashian made headlines this week after posting explicit photos of his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna online, and publicly accusing her of cheating on him. His Instagram account was suspended, after which Blob – sorry, Rob, moved on to Twitter. Blac Chyna is reportedly considering legal action against him.


GoTBot Is Coming

What happens when you combine two of the hottest topics of the moment; Game of Thrones and chatbots? You end up with GoTBot! With the newest season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, British agency Catch Digital has released GotBot, an amusing chatbot that is loaded with series details and Easter eggs. You will now know everything…

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