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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

March 4, 2016



Social media was abuzz this week with the most Tweeted moment ever. Plus, Snapchat beats out Facebook in one important metric and more, This Week in Social.


Training Against Abuse

Twitter is team up with Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to train prosecutors in England and Wales, on how to deal with online abuse in a bid to help victims of domestic and sexual violence.


Music Via Messenger

Facebook users are now able to share Spotify songs and playlists inside the Messenger feature. The best part? You don’t need to be a premium subscriber to take advantage of the integration!

Push For Live

Newly launched Facebook Live videos will be receiving a push from the platform to appear higher up in users’ news feeds. The algorithm change is being made to support the increasing popularity of live video streaming.


“Add Me” Bans

Instagram has taken steps to block “add me” links to Telegram and Snapchat. In a quote on the topic, Instagram states “this was a rare use-case, and not the way our platform was intended to be used”.

Snapchat Growth

In the competitive race for video views, Snapchat catches up with Facebook! The platform has revealed its users now watch 8 billion videos on the app daily!

Social Winner


Leonardo DiCaprio’s win at the ceremony was the most Tweeted Oscar’s moment of all time – it generated 440,000 Tweets per minute!

Social Loser

Scott Walker

You can always count on the internet to give you a hand in embarrassing yourself on social media…

Creative Spot

Need For Speed

Reebok tests pedestrians in Stockholm to see if they’re fast enough for the ZPump 2.0. Those who were, get a free pair!

Marbles Making Mesmerising Music 

The Swedish band Wintergatan makes magnificent music with 2,000 marbles. Check out the video!

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