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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

May 27, 2016



Strong opinions around the new Twitter updates, Snapchat becomes 5th most valued tech ‘unicorn’ and more from this week in social below.


Twitter Relaxes Character Limit
Twitter is encouraging users to “express more in 140 characters” with a host of changes. Say goodbye to .@ and hello to having more room to chat!

But Some Users Aren’t Happy
As with anything, you can’t please everyone. While some Twitter users rejoice at the recent updates, others can’t help but complain…


New Feeds In Oz
Facebook is currently testing a new way of sorting news feeds in Australia. The experiment is serving content based on default topics that vary from account to account, but can be added to by users.



Snapchat Cash Injection
With a new investment of $1.8 billion, Snapchat is set to become the fifth most valuable tech ‘unicorn’. How this money will be used to evolve the platform will be exciting to see!

New Selfie App On The Block
Facebook and Instagram could experience some competition from a new entry to the selfie market: egg. Launched by Line, the company has recently partnered with Warner Bros to provide sponsored filters for upcoming films.

Social Winner

Snickers Hungerithm
You’re not you when you’re angry: Snickers is literally “feeding off the rage of Twitter users” to alter the price of their chocolate bar by tracking the mood of online commentators.

Social Loser

Forced Filters
Much loved Snapchat filters such as ‘Rainbow Sick’ and ‘Puppy Face’ were removed and replace by X-Men characters this week – and the internet was not amused!

Creative Spot

Series Commitment
Cornetto has sought to do its part in saving the modern day relationship with the creation of commitment rings – helping couples’ love last longer than just one season.

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