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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

September 23, 2016


This Week in Social

In This Week in Social, Twitter has finally rolled out its new format whereby images and links don't add to character count. Plus, find out how you can delete to donate on Instagram.


Movement In Mobile App Ads
An initiative expected to reach over 800 million people, Twitter is now allowing its advertisers to run “native app-install advertising campaigns across a host of different apps” via its partnership network.

Making 140 Go Further
We mentioned it last week, but it’s ACTUALLY kicked in! Twitter has rolled out its new rules for character count and many third-party tools have already adapted…


Facebook ads are still slipping through the Adblock Puls net. How? Stripped-down code…

Video / Visual

YouTube Heroes
YouTube has a new plan to get its community involved in moderating trolling and negative video comments. The initiative offers ‘Heroes’ a range of rewards for their participation.

IG Advertiser Boom
Instagram has doubled its advertiser base and highlights that brands shouldn’t be creating ads that rely on sound. Find out why…

Post That Pic Later
Don’t lose those edits ever again – Instagram is rolling out the ‘Save Draft’ feature to all its users!

Social Winner

Sweet Comeback
After Donald Trump Jr’s inappropriate Tweet comparing refugees to Skittles, the sweet brand hit back in a tasteful rebuttal.

Social Loser

Over-Egged Video Stats
Facebook has confessed to overstated average video view times by 60-80% for the past two years. The measurement error occurred where the channel neglected to factor in any views under three seconds – this resulted in a swelling of view times.

Creative Spot

Delete Hunger
A d-good reason as to why you should be deleting your food photos from Instagram…

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