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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 6, 2015


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What’s been happening in the world of social this week? Here’s the lowdown:



YouTube trounces Facebook in Super Bowl ad views, but not shares The game was close between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but in the video arena YouTube defeated Facebook, in terms of Super Bowl ad views, however Facebook videos were shared five times more than YouTube ads.

Madonna debuts latest music video on Snapchat Madonna is the biggest artist to use the image and video based social platform to premier a video to the public. The video is for the single “Living for Love”, the first from her upcoming album Rebel Heart.



UK Party leaders questioned via Facebook David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Natalie Bennett were quizzed by teenagers and college students as part of a joint event between Sky News and Facebook on Monday. You can catch up on the event highlights via the Stand Up Be Counted Facebook feed.

No longer the favourite social media site for teens? The increased number of parents and grandparents as Facebook users may be what’s spurring the trend for teens to turn their back on Facebook. Young people are worrying about their more senior relatives being “exposed to their nefarious photographs”.



Twitter makes a deal with Google to show tweets in search results In the first half of 2015, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted. Google will access Twitter’s firehose, and data generated by Twitter’s 284 million users.

Apple bug lost Twitter 4 million monthly active users Seen your follower numbers dip a little? Despite beating revenue estimates, the platform’s fourth quarter report showed a shortage in user growth.


Social Winners

78 year old Pope Francis hosts a Google Hangout The online dialogue was hosted by Scholas Occurrentes, an educational group launched by the pope that aims to build bridges through technology. The participants were students with disabilities from around the world.

Chevy broke everyone’s TV (and Twitter) during the Super Bowl Watch it and you’ll understand….


Social Losers


Tinder shuts down Gap’s pants party because it violated terms of service It looked like The Gap was launching a new marketing campaign on Tinder, but the dating app announced that the retailer’s plans were in violation of its terms of service.


Creative of spot of the week

Heinz ‘Get Well Soon’ Soup Cans For the fourth year running, Heinz Soup offered Facebook fans the chance to send loved ones personalised cans of Heinz Soup, delivered directly to their door! Fans could also add a video message to their order. Wikipedia in 3D (Open in Chrome) WikiGalaxy is an interactive visulaisation of Wikipedia articles as a galaxy of Stars. It’s an engaging and aesthetically stimulating way to view articles, grouped together in clusters of stars to create a constellation of human knowledge.

For even more creative inspiration from our Pulse team check out our creative services showcase. Tune in next Friday for all the latest social media news and creative inspiration.

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