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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

July 8, 2016


This Week in Social

Updates are coming to some of our favourite platforms This Week in Social. Read on to for all of this week's social media news, plus our pick of creative spots.


Goodbye [email protected]
One step closer to the day where we no longer have to waste precious characters on ‘.’ before @mentioning in our Tweets!


Army of Bots!
Facebook Messenger has more than 11,000 bots on the platform and recent updates are set to improve users’ engagements.

Translation Innovation
A new AI-powered tool is testing the ability to translate Facebook posts into other languages.


Make It Memorable
Snapchat is outgrowing its disappearing photos with the introduction of a new feature called Memories.

Social Winners

Tesco Mobile Take Down
Not an advised approach for every brand, but we can’t help but love Tesco Mobile defending itself…

Translated to ‘buy a car on Twitter’, Nissan accepted the challenge and is now the first automotive brand to sell purely through the social media platform!

Social Losers

Sky Comes Crashing Down
A questionable broadcast resulted in a Twitter-based backlash.

Creative Spot

Haagen-Dazs It Best
The ice-cream brand has a unique and sweet twist in promoting its partnership with Wimbledon on Instagram.

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