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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 27, 2015


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This week in social media has seen brands embracing the power of FOMO. Read on for more…


Twitter Goes Full Screen

In a move to take on Facebook, Twitter is allowing its users to view all video items in full-screen, thanks to the latest in-app update.


We’re On A Break

Facebook is currently experimenting with ways to help users take a break from their exes, without having to block or unfriend them.
Work Chat Update

The professional version of Facebook, Facebook at Work now has launched its own messaging app. “Work Chat” is designed for colleagues to message each other individually, in groups, make voice calls and more.


YouTube’s Pledge

YouTube is promising to protect and defend content creators from copyright infringements. Legal support will be offered to those who face being wrongly accused.

Extended SnapChats

This week Snapchat launched ‘Story Explorer’ within Live Stories. This new tool allows users to access ‘extended editions’ by swiping upwards to view the moment from multiple points of view.

Social Winner

Superdry Social Hiatus

In the run up to launching Superdry’s new clothing line with Idris Elba, the brand is pulling together a strongly integrated digital campaign that’s starting the suspense with a 24 hour hiatus.

Happn and Plan UK

In a bid to raise awareness of child marriage, London users of the dating app Happn witnessed the platform takeover by Plan UK and it’s ‘A Date You Can’t Refuse” campaign. Take a look.

Social Loser

Redskins on Thanksgiving

Sometimes it’s just better not to Tweet…

Creative Spot


Royal Caribbean is utilising the crippling effect FOMO by live broadcasting Periscope feeds of holiday adventures – onto large screen digital billboards!

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