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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 10, 2017


digital marketing, facebook, instagram, Social Media, This Week in Social

This Week In Social, Pinterest Lens takes visual search to the next level, as Facebook clamps down on discriminatory advertising and YouTube joins the live video streaming bandwagon.


Ads For All

Facebook has developed several new policies and tools to clamp down on discriminatory advertising, based on race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation and more…

For Rainy Days

The social media giant doesn’t want users to leave the platform, so is rolling out a new weather feature. Check out the full weather forecast inside Facebook’s mobile app and desktop site.

GIF It To Me

You can now embed animated GIFs with Facebook ads! Pretty cool, huh?

Spread The Love

Facebook has made something of a tradition out of adding new features around holidays. It’s February, so of course, that means a Valentine’s treat…


Fresh Approach

As Twitter’s revenues continue to stagnate, the platform is rethinking its ad strategy in a bid to capitalise on user growth. Advertisers, stay tuned.

Safety First

Twitter’s latest updates are designed to address the concerns and abuse that have plagued numerous users.



YouTube Live

YouTube just added a new feature to its mobile app that lets content creators reach out to fans more personally.


Visual Discovery

Pinterest Lens, a new visual search tool, uses machine vision to detect objects in the real world and suggest related items on the platform!


Hype to Sales

Noticed a popularity spike in Adidas trainers? Here’s how social media has heled the brand drive sales…




It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation, but as Uber has recently realised, social media can put it all at risk – in no time at all.



Creative Spot

Planet Snap

Things aren’t the same without Planet Earth II, are they? Don’t worry, our uncontrollable sobs have been heard and now the BBC and Snapchat brings us new mini-sodes! (David Attenborough not included)

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