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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

December 16, 2016


digital, social, This Week in Social

This Week in Social, Facebook Messenger Payments are on the way to Europe, Twitter launches in-app live video, and Tumblr creates a social Action hub. Read on for more...


Lead Gen Ads Are Out

Three years after Twitter launched its lead generation ads, the platform is eliminating the ad format. Brands will no longer be able to request people’s names, Twitter handles and email addresses.

#GoLive on Twitter

Twitter in-app live video is here! The update, available on iOS and Android, will allow you to #GoLlive straight from the Twitter app. Once you’re live, anyone will be able to join your video.


Messenger payments

Facebook is one step closer to launching its peer-to-peer payment service via Messenger in Europe, as the platform has done in the US. European users will soon be able to send each other cash directly from the app.

Parental Relief

Good news for parents as Facebook has rolled out a new resource called ‘Parents Portal’. The hub has been launched to help better educate kids about the safe use of social media.

One To Stick?

Seemingly another attempt to mimic the success of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger is now packed with many of the now-familiar features pioneered by its rival. New features allow you to doodle over photos and videos, add stickers, emojis and more.


Fighting For Attention

Snapchat has launched FOUR new features, including a Shazam partnership in the hopes to make users spend more time on the messaging app.

The Singapore Boost

So were you in Singapore, or not? Instagram recently had a “bug” that saw users geo-tagging themselves in Singapore – even if they were on the other side of the world…

360 Degrees of VR

Listen up, bloggers! WordPress now lets you feature 360-degree videos in virtual reality.


Time To Take Action

While Facebook is facing widespread criticism about fake news, one platform is helping users take action & create change in their communities.


Old Memories

Facebook users were mortified to see old photos reappear on their timelines without permission. And, no, it was not the ‘Year in Review’..

Missing @ Replies

An internal Twitter experiment accidentally (and unexpectedly) went out & changed how @replies work to everyone on iOS. Check out what followed…


Motion Stills

Taking the untapped potential of Apple’s Live Photos to instantly create GIFs is something only Google can do!

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